Space Editor 0.9.3

Quick bugfix,

added warning about quick load stability

Download from github

Space Editor 0.9.2

Sorry for the quick turnaround here…

Building on the quick export functionality in the last release, this one now allows you to do a ‘quick load’ on a world. In quick load mode you can’t edit any of the individual blocks that make up your ship (this will become more important once I implement modular building) but you can import / export and save much, much quicker than when doing a full load. So you can quick load a world, clone a ship (I tested with the 2000+ block big red ship) and save the world again in a matter of seconds.

Download from github

space editor 0.9.1

Added a much, much faster export function.  If you haven’t made any changes since loading the world (ie: you just loaded the world to export your ship) this should export ships in seconds rather than hours.

Also fixed a bug in the clone function



Download From github

Space Editor 0.9.0

Fix for a regional settings issue (many thanks to  Mandrago, Cortez and Marcos_Edson on the official forums for helping track this down)

Basic logging feature.  Tick the checkbox, load a save file, it outputs a log to ‘log.txt’


Download From github

Space Editor 0.8.8

New release:

Adds: handling pilot data correctly.  You can now load savefiles in which your character is piloting a ship.

Download from github

Space Editor 0.8.7

New for this release:

Correctly handles stations (old versions converted them to large ships…oops!)

now only displaces entities when you clone them, export / import does not displace items… so be careful of collisions!

Download from github


Space Editor 0.8.6

I was going to leave this until tomorrow…but I got excited.

v0.8.6 adds support for mirroring blocks.

So you can go from this:


to this:


With a couple of clicks.

Get it here:

download from github

Space Editor 0.8.5

Yet another new release, this one has:

An all new layout (most functions now available via right click)
Ability to edit any of the positional information
Auto update feature


Download from github

Space Editor Open Sourced

As promised:

Nothing new in the code itself, hoping to have character placement and position editing by tomorrow.


Space Editor 0.8.2 released

Another day another release….


I noticed this morning that I’m not handling the player character very well. If you’re piloting a ship when you save, then load that save into SpaceEditor, then save… it loses the player character, and corrupts the save. Not very useful. So, my longterm goal (ie: in the next day or so) is to properly handle the player character, and let you pick a ship to control, or dump him (you) in the depths of space as you see fit. For now however, this release just refuses to load a save if you’re piloting a ship.

Also, I’ve made the treeview a bit nicer (changed the entity IDs to useful names like ‘Big Ship’ etc) and added a ‘delete’ button (by popular request).