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Support forum now live

The Support forum for jNag (and future projects) is now live.

It’s looking a bit empty at the moment, so go sign up and bombard me with posts!

Support forum coming soon & more news from the repo

I’ve had a few people getting in touch through the ‘comments’ and ‘contact me’ sections of this site, but starting from tomorrow (or maybe the day after depending on my availability) I’ll be launching a forum so I can answer queries more easily and solicit suggestions on new features to add.

Advertising in Apps

So, I’ve starting looking into adding advertising into jNag to cover server costs etc and perhaps cover the $99 fee that I’d need to pay to develop an iPhone app. The latest version in the git repository has this code added, but I’m unsure whether to leave it in there or not.

Latest features in git repository

Since I’ve now got a github page where you can download the latest and greatest changes to jNag in between releases, I thought I’d start posting a little summary of those changes so you know what’s coming up in the next version.  here’s the changes I’ve made in the last couple of days:

jNag on github

the jNag source is now available on GitHub.

This includes the server component, the standard (web) client and all source code for the android client.  Feel free to download and do as you will with it (some credit would be nice if you do anything interesting with it of course!).

jNag upcoming features (0.7.5)

So, here’s a quick insight into what I’m working on for the next release.  Rather than rush this out in a  couple of days like I have been doing, I’m planning on taking my time with this and maybe pushing it out at the end of next week.

jNag HTTPS support coming soon

The current version does not support HTTPS (although it’s easy enough to hack in).

I’m releasing a fix for this later on this evening (when I get home from work in an hour or so)

Thanks to Hubert de Heer for reporting this issue, and Christian Kreidl for reporting and independently fixing the problem as well!

jNag Android app now available

Not much more to say really… the current android client is just a straight copy of the web client, so no device notifications as yet.

Search for it on the market!

jNag 0.6 release

After literally days of hard work (well, a few hours maybe) here’s the long awaited 0.6 release of jNag.

This release offers:

  • Fancy image support
  • Full pnp graph support (see all your pnp graphs for your services)
  • More information for services / hosts
  • Proper CORS support (should fix issues with iPad / iPhone)
  • Filters out ‘generic event’ services (this was annoying me!)
  • a setup guide!  (well, sort of, I’m not very good at documentation)

Unfortunately there’s no demo, since it requires a functional livestatus install, and I don’t have one I’m willing to open up to the public… if anyone does have a non-critical nagios install they’d be willing to let me use as a demo server, hit me up via email.

[download id=”4″ format=”1″]

jNag iPhone bug

Just noticed a bug that’s preventing jNag working on iOS (iPhone, iPad).  I’m going to try and fix this today, however I don’t actually have an iOS device to test on so it might be a little hit and miss.  If anyone wants to donate an iPad for testing purposes email me 😀