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Service, notification and widget (oh my!)

Just a couple of screenshots from the new version of the (Paid) android app I’m planning on releasing tomorrow, showcasing the new ‘notifications’ and ‘Service’ features.

It’s not currently configurable (other than switching it on or off) so you’re stuck with a 15 minute refresh time, but you can now (well, you will be able to tomorrow) receive notifications (ie: a sound / vibration alert) when there’s a problem.  Also, there’s a handy widget for your homescreen.  Anyway, here’s the pictures (taken in the emulator, hence the rather crappy theme), enjoy:

Problems detected!

Options screen.  You can also see the jNag notification icon there in the top left.

There’s also a couple of bugfixes for all versions, including a rather nasty (and stupid) bug that’s prevented acknowledging problems since the last release :/

After this release my next target is an iPhone application, hopefully in the next couple of weeks.

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