I’m a huge fan of all things sci-fi, make great use of kindle unlimited and, on average, get through a couple of books a week. (you can see what I’ve read so far this year here).  So, in a blatant attempt to monetise the site a little, here’s some recommended books that you can purchase through the affiliate links and push some cash back my way:


A throughly entertaining military science fiction series that fits into the ‘gritty realism’ side of the sci fi genre. Think Albercurrie drives and nukes rather than hyperdrives and particle cannons. Mostly concerned with ground forces, there’s a few fleet actions thrown into the mix as well.

One thing I really like in this (and any other series) is the progression of technology through the course of the action. New weapons and tactics are brought into play and overall it just makes the story feel like it’s progressing in a ‘realistic’ manner. Some of the characters are a little flat / generic, but definitely worth reading.

This series is one of my favourites, concerning a relic from a highly advanced past and how she bootstraps a civilization from something roughly equivalent to the romans to (as of the latest book) a full blown industrial revolution. The series is now up to book 7 and if I’m being completely honest the last couple of books have been a little predictable, however taken on the merits of the series as a whole I can highly recommend it.

My main criticism of this series is the same as for all Weber’s writing, he’s not very good at writing flawed heroes. All of the protagonists in his novels are very obviously ‘goodies’ although it comes across even more here than in his other books. Still though, a very good read that will keep you busy for a while