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jNag on github

the jNag source is now available on GitHub.

This includes the server component, the standard (web) client and all source code for the android client.  Feel free to download and do as you will with it (some credit would be nice if you do anything interesting with it of course!).

I’ll still be releasing packages for new versions, but if you download the source form github you’ll get any ‘in between versions’ features I’ve been working on.  For example the current revision in git has jQuery mobile alpha 3 included (rather than alpha 2 as in 0.7)

I’ve also updated the website slightly, with a couple of new links.  One to the aforementioned github page for jNag, and another for paypal donations…. if jNag is worth a couple of quid to you, feel free to sling some money at me 🙂

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