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jNag upcoming features (0.7.5)

So, here’s a quick insight into what I’m working on for the next release.  Rather than rush this out in a  couple of days like I have been doing, I’m planning on taking my time with this and maybe pushing it out at the end of next week.

Planned features:

  • ‘Pin’ Services to your home screen.  Above the current ‘host’, ‘hostgroup’ etc list, you’d be able to add in specified services which would always display there.  These would show the name of the service and it’s current output, and refresh via ajax
  • View logs.  I did put this on the roadmap a while ago, but it got lost somewhere along the way.  I plan to have a nice, ajax refreshing log viewer so you can sit and watch your Nagios events firing in realtime if that’s what floats your boat
  • More images!  Currently there’s no way of assigning images to hostgroups or service groups, since you can’t assign custom variables to those in Nagios.
  • Update jquery mobile to alpha 3.

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