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Latest features in git repository

Since I’ve now got a github page where you can download the latest and greatest changes to jNag in between releases, I thought I’d start posting a little summary of those changes so you know what’s coming up in the next version.  here’s the changes I’ve made in the last couple of days:

  • You can now toggle menu images on / off
  • You can now ‘pin’ services to your home screen.  They appear above the main browse list AND (as a bonus) they get updated in realtime via ajax.

Those are the main ones that an end user would see.  In the code I’ve moved a few things around, added some abstraction for storage (to enable changing from localstorage to something else in future) and added a couple of dynamically creatable element types to the list.

Here’s a nice picture of the ‘pin to menu’ function in action:

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