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jNag iPhone bug

Just noticed a bug that’s preventing jNag working on iOS (iPhone, iPad).  I’m going to try and fix this today, however I don’t actually have an iOS device to test on so it might be a little hit and miss.  If anyone wants to donate an iPad for testing purposes email me 😀

jNag 0.6 screenshots

A few images just to whet your appetites….

jNag 0.6 sneak peek

Okay, so those are user defined host / service images.  They’re set with a custom variable in your nagios config and served up from the server.  You can also disable them from the client or server end if you don’t want them.

0.6 will also offer more service and host information in the respective detail views and (possibly) more administration commands (re-schedule checks etc).

Look out for an update in the next few days 🙂

jNag 0.5.1 (pre) released

This version offers:

  • Add comments to hosts / services
  • Preliminary PNP support… see 24 hour service status graph in jNag!
  • Updated css to match jQuery mobile source
  • Improved stability

Known issues

  • Buttons in navbar sometimes stop responding
  • refresh button sometimes causes unexpected ‘back’ behaviour
  • general jquery mobile alpha flakiness

[download id=”3″ format=”1″]

jNag 0.5.1 sneak peek

Just a couple of images to whet your appetite for the upcoming release:

jNag 0.5 pre-release

This release marks a major change in the codebase, and is pretty much a complete rewrite. jNag now works on a client / server model with a small plugin that sits on your Nagios install as the server and a pure HTML5 / javascript client talking to that server backend via JSON calls. The client can run on the same server as the um…server, or it can be somewhere else entirely (like running natively on your handset)

From a user perspective this means that things should be slightly quicker, and for future releases native apps connecting to the jNag backend will be a possibility. However, there’s slightly more setup involved.

Nagios (only tested on 3.2, may work perfectly well on other versions for all I know)

You’ll need to extract all the files into your nagios web root, then edit the configuration under jNag/server/config.php to reflect your setup. The configuration should be fairly self explanatory.

Once your server is configured, launch the client by going to /jNag/client in a browser. You should be prompted to enter a data url. This needs to be the url of /server/returndata.php. So, if you’ve installed jNag into ‘’ you need to set the data_url to ‘’

This is pre-release software! Whilst it works perfectly fine on my setup, I have no doubt it’s riddled with bugs at the moment!

I’m already working on showing pnp graphs in jNag for the next release, and some other goodies as well, this is just a taster of the new architecture and functionality.

[download id=”1″ format=”1″]

jNag 1.4.1 released

Minor ‘point’ release of jNag offering the following features:

  • security enhancements suggested in this comment
  • Faster initial problem polling when first loading the app
  • debug option (run jNag with the debug variable set, ie: http://yourserver/jNag/?debug=true)

[download id=”2″ format=”1″]

And, in other news….

I’m currently working on a completely re-written version of jNag that runs entirely in javascript on the client side, with a small server side plugin based on livestatus providing the data. It’s much faster, and offers the possibility of native apps for all major mobile devices (iPhone, android, blackberry, palmos) based on the phonegap platform. Should be ready for release in the next few days, I’m just having some fun with localStorage at the moment…

jNag 0.4 released

jNag 0.4 is out now!

This release allows you to select the livestatus backend instead of statusjson if you like.

The problem list also now really auto refreshes! (in previous versions the count on the main page auto-refreshed, but once you went into the problems page itself you had to manually refresh)

I’ve also tidied up some code and moved things around to make the whole package a bit more coherent.

Demo here

Download here

jNag ‘coming soon’ features

I’ve not really had chance to work on jNag over the last couple of days, but I managed to snatch an hour at lunch yesterday to refactor some code and do some architectural changes in preperation for 0.4.  The major new feature for this release will be a ‘livestatus‘ backend in addition to the current statusjson system.  You’ll be able to switch between the two by a simple config change.

Other planned features include:

  • Multiple server support
  • Configuration page (for jNag)
  • Nagios control page (restart Nagios, reschedule checks etc)

If there’s any other features you’d like to see added, feel free to comment.  And look out for jNag 0.4 in the next couple of days.

jNag 0.3 released

Another day another release of jNag, the Jquery mobile based mobile interface for Nagios.

V0.3 adds:

  • ajax problem polling
  • browse by Hosts and services, as well as host groups
  • a tider interface

As usual the demo is available here

And the download is here

Here’s a couple of screenshots showing off the new features:

That yellow box at the top Pulses on and off if there’s any problems, and it updates via ajax…so no page refresh is required!

Showing off the new, tidier interface when viewing all services monitored by Nagios