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0.82 bug, removed from market for a couple of days

As noted in the comments to the last post, there’s a serious bug in the latest (0.82) release of jNag.  Until I can fix it, I’ve unpublished both apps from the market.


Sorry for the inconvenience.

2 thoughts on “0.82 bug, removed from market for a couple of days

  1. Hy there,

    thanks for your fix – SSL support works now! GREAT!

    But I tried to comment on an alert and it seems to not work mhm..
    Are you planning to support ACK (=acknowledging) an alert, too? Would be fantastic to have a ACK button (often you don’t have to comment about an alert but only want to inform colleagues about it).

    I hope I don’t annoy you with all my comments and requests.. 🙂


    1. Yay, at least one thing works then 😀

      POST (acknowledge / comment) support is in the works, it’s just a bit more complicated than I thought it would be….

      stay tuned for more info 😀

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