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jNag 0.82 is here!

Just finished uploading the latest versions of the client, server and android apps.  The biggest change comes for the paid android app, which now supports (working) SSL connections.  The free app will have to wait a bit longer for that I’m afraid.  jQuery mobile has also been updated to Alpha 4 in this release. I’ll post a proper change log in the morning (tired now), just wanted to get them updated today. Enjoy…

8 thoughts on “jNag 0.82 is here!

  1. Hy,

    thanks for implementing SSL support – this is great news!

    I updated the paid jNag version and even uninstalled the old and installed the new version, too. But the only thing I get is a white screen. When I click “Home” or “Reload” is see some text and input fields for around half a second.

    Hope you can help me here – would be great!

    Thanks in advance!

    1. hmm, it looks like the initial request is taking some time to complete… I tried it on my handset and the screen does stay white for up to 20 / 30 seconds but then loads properly… have you tried waiting for a while?

      Also check your server log and see if the request is making it to the server?

  2. @admin:

    thanks for your fast and accurate reply! Really great support and contact, I definitely will recommend your site and app.

    I waited now for several minutes and I’m afraid to tell that the problem still exists 🙁
    The server log says that theres no connection incoming, which is correct because I have to configure the Nagios in jNag first.

    But as I previously said: I only see the configure text and input forms for half a second when I click “Refresh” in jNag – the rest of the time it stays white. There is no effect when I click “Options”, too.

    I Hope you can help me again!

  3. ah, I think I know what the problem is… I’m not setting a timeout on the initial request. So, when no settings are configured it’s hanging for ever waiting for the initial request to complete. Doh! I’ll push a fix out later on today.

    Sorry for the inconvenience 🙁

  4. Ahh okay, now we (or better: you) have found the problem *hooray* 🙂

    It’s no problem, I’m happy if I can help! Additionally I will try to get you the rest of my IT-team as a paying customer – because such an effort have to be honored!

    –Will give you a feedback here when I tested the fixed version.

  5. Okay, it’s a weirder problem than I thought… for some reason jQuery won’t parse my JSON anymore, even though it worked fine yesterday. huh.

    This might take a few hours to resolve 🙁

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