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Space Editor 0.9.6

Not much of an update, but space editor now displays a little status message when it’s doing something… should stop people thinking it’s locked up when in fact it’s just trying to export that 100k block monster of a ship 😀

Also fixed a bug when loading pilots… should be a bit more stable now.

Download from github

3 thoughts on “Space Editor 0.9.6

  1. The status thing seems to be slowing it down. It does need something like that though.

    It’s coming along nicely though.

    1. Hi Thomas, thanks for taking the time to get in touch…

      the auto update mechanism is extremely simple… it simply comparse the ‘latest’ version available on the website to its internal version and, if they’re different (note, different… no consideration is given to higher / lower versions) it offers an update.

      Unfortunately I appear to have released a version without updating the website version…hence the problems.

      I’m about to release a new version though, so that should resolve this 🙂

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