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Job Hunting!

Thought I might as well post something here, you never know who reads these things…

I am currently on the hunt for a job.  Ideally something in PHP / Web development that pays around £30k (or slightly less for the right role) and is based somewhere near Manchester (UK).  Working from home would be nice though if you’re based on the other side of the world.

email me for a CV if you have any opportunities that might fit the bill.


I’ve just finished packaging, uploading and releasing the latest versions of jNag. These include a new server component, and updates to all the clients. Read on for the details:

Self signed SSL certificates in phonegap (android)

So this week I ran into a wonderful problem while working on jNag, namely how to connect to servers over SSL using phonegap (which jNag relies heavily on).

Phonegap is a wrapper around Android’s native webview class so (I thought!) the answer lay in somehow getting the webview to accept a self signed certificate.