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jNag iPhone app incoming!

Finally had a spare hour to play with xCode on my Mac today, and managed to get a jNag app up and running on the iPhone simulator.  Follow the jump for a screenshot and some more info….

Upcoming stuff

Just a quick rundown of what’s going on with jNag this week.  And a strange picture, which does actually have some context later on, so you should probably click the read more link if you’re wondering what that’s all about.

A flying pig. Why? Intrigued? read on....

jNag 0.8.0 released

This release marks a bit of a change in how I push out updates. I’ve split off the client and server portions of the standard distribution, so from now on you only have to update the server bit when there’s an actual update.

I’ve also added a ‘downloads’ page to the site so you can always get the latest version.

Service, notification and widget (oh my!)

Just a couple of screenshots from the new version of the (Paid) android app I’m planning on releasing tomorrow, showcasing the new ‘notifications’ and ‘Service’ features.

Android Widget? Yeah, we can do that…

Yesterday I posted that I was working on a few things, one of which was an android widget for the paid version of the android app.  Sorry if this annoys anyone using the free version, but I felt some sort of ‘thank you’ was needed for people willing to fork out the princely sum of £2 to use jNag.  Anyway, I had a couple of hours free this evening….

Upcoming stuff

Just a quick note to waffle about stuff I’ve got in the pipeline (android widget?), and generally how things are going.

There seems to have been a bit of a spike in downloads of the android app recently, I’m about to break the 500 downloads mark… which is good I think. The paid app has been a little slower in uptake, I’m now up to 9 total downloads, with 6 active users.  Thanks to you, whoever you are.

jNag 0.79 released

A day late for my self imposed ‘every monday’ release schedule, but here’s the latest version for ya.  Hit the ‘read more’ for a feature list and some screenshots showing off the new ‘Theme’ options:

Report from the repo 26/02/2011

Just a quick update on what’s coming up in this weeks release…and, as a tangent since I seem to be  falling into a regular, monday release schedule purely by coincidence, please take the time to register on the forums and let me know if this is too frequent for releases.  Anyway, hit the ‘read more’ for the latest changes…

jNag 0.78 released

This release includes the ‘schedule reCheck’ functionality, as well as myriad bug fixes / changes including:

  • a rather nasty bug that occured when first entering settings
  • changes in the way problems are handled
  • better error messages
  • dialogs now close when hitting ‘commit’

Hit the jump for a screenshot and the download link

jNag: schedule recheck

I finally got round to adding the ‘schedule recheck’ functionality for hosts and services which has been on the ‘roadmap’ for a couple of weeks.  This means you can now fix a problem and then immediately schedule a recheck to make the flashing ‘problem’ indicator go away.  hit the read more to see a screenshot: