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SpaceEditor Released

(I’ve since released a newer version of this software, which you can find here)

Just a quick post about a project I’ve been working on over the weekend: SpaceEditor.


This is a basic savegame editor for the really rather excellent ‘Space Engineers’ (which you can find on steam here:

The game itself is a bit basic at the moment, it’s still in ‘early Alpha’ stage, so there’s not actually a great deal to do other than build ships and crash them into things. One thing that’s conspicuously missing at the moment is the ability to save / load your creations. You can save a whole ‘world’, but extracting your design from that world just isn’t enabled…yet.

That’s what this tool is aimed at. The current feature set is:

Load a save game (you need to browse to the ‘ file in your savegame folder)
Export any ships from that game into files (Make sure you have a ship entity selected in the tree before you press this!)
Import ship files back into a save game
clone a ship within the world (again, you have to have a ship entity selected!)

And it lets you do stuff like this:


I’ll be open sourcing the project as soon as I’ve tidied it up, but for now you can grab the executable here:

*UPDATE* check here for the latest version:

WARNING: this should be considered even more pre-alpha than the game itself. If it completely mangles that ship you just spent 3 days building, don’t say I didn’t warn you. Because I did. Just now.

Edit: New version released, this should be much quicker at loading…. I’ve updated the download link.

8 thoughts on “SpaceEditor Released

  1. Hi yea i just went poking around in the game files and found out you could do this, Thanks for taking the time to make this tool which makes it a thousand times easier! would love to get the source code Thanks again

  2. I’m working on a very large station and I started running into out-of-memory errors. I thought why not just export my station and then import it to a new world where i didn’t have a small fleet of ships built? Well when I did I figured out that all of your imports have a vertical offset. This is probably a good thing usually but in this case it means my station is floating above its asteroid. Is there a way to work around this?

    1. Hmm, all I do is add 50 units to the Y component of the PositionAndOrientation->Position element. If you open up the exported ship file that element should be right near the top so just subtract 50 units from whatever it says and you should be good to go.

      I’ll look at making this either optional or editable in a future version.


      1. Thanks for the reply and suggestion. Knowing what value to plug in well help a great deal.

        What might also help would be a delete button. I seem to have a lot of wreckage floating around. I prefer smashing ships I don’t want anymore to deconstructing them.

        Thanks for your work. It’s making everything easier for the rest of us.

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