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Random idea: Password storage in the event of an untimely incident

So, I sometimes get random ideas and then never develop them… I thought I might as well write them down somewhere so next time someone makes millions from an idea I had ages ago I at least have something to back me up 😀

Anyway, here’s the idea: A service that provides encrypted data storage that can be unlocked by trusted people in the event of your death.  You’d encrypt anything you like (credentials for websites, documents etc) using a public key in an asymmetrical encryption scheme (like pgp for example), upload it to the site and then give the private key to someone you trust, or a few people.  To guard against them looking at your data willy nilly, you could require data requests to come from multiple people, or have a 2 day waiting period for data and email the account holder with a notification…

So yeah, that’s what just came to me while I was doing the washing up.  If you implement this and make fat stacks of cash, be nice and kick some back my way, ‘kay?

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