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Possible jNag resurrection

So, jNag was recently listed by ‘Computerworlduk’ as one of the top 16 mobile applications for IT professionals:

And this has given me some motivation to restart development…. I need some sort of project to work on since giving up facebook (I deactivated my account last week in the hope of spurring some productivity) and revisiting jNag might be just what I’m looking for.


Feel free to comment if you’d like to see development restarted, and even shout out some features you’d like to see added if you like.

Note: I doubt I’ll be doing any work on the IOS version of jNag.  I don’t have an apple development platform at the moment, and don’t see me getting one for the foreseeable future (unless I switch jobs and get a new Air as part of my package.  Well, I can dream!) so any future development work will more than likely be android only.

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