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FUSE ESB Development Introduction

Today I’ve decided to move on from the magento stuff I’ve been posting recently, and start looking at working with FUSE ESB.  This is an enterprise service bus based on apaches servicemix platform.

There’s a lot of new stuff here, the majority of the code for servicemix is written in Java and plugged together using the Blueprint XML language and apache camel.  For the build environment we’ll be using apache maven, eclipse and subversion (for source control).  Over the coming days (weeks) I’ll describe how to set all this up from scratch and develop a web services API that will allow you to access data from a lot of different systems using one interface.  I’d never used Java or Maven before getting started on this project, so that should be a good indicatoof how easy this stuff is to pick up.

For more info on what fuse ESB is, and what it does you should go and read my post from a few weeks ago: Overview of FUSE ESB.  As a quick summary the idea of an ESB is to allow various systems to interoperate in a standard, maintainable way.  There’s a lot more to it than that of course, but that’s the basic idea.

As a starting point for this series of tutorials, lets have a look at what we’ll be covering (subject to change, I’ll update this list if I change things around)

1: Setting up the build environment

1a: downloads

1b: maven setup

1c: subversion setup

1d: eclipse setup

1e: servicemix / FUSE ESB setup

1f: creating our project structure

2: Defining our APIs

2a: creating a wsdl

2b: generating our API code

3c: generating code from a 3rd party wsdl (magento)

3: Implementing our API

3a: creating our camel route

3b: plugging it all together

4: Useful resources

Okay, that’s all for today, check back over the weekend when I’ll hopfully have written up the ‘setting up the build environment’ section.

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