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A New start

Wow, it’s been quite a while since my last update.  I’ve recently started a new job which has rekindled my interest in blogging about some of the interesting and geeky things I get up to.

First off, I’ve launched a new site:, dedicated to Android on MIPs devices.  I’ll be focusing on the Novo7 Paladin initially (since that’s the MIPs device I have) but I’ll be keeping an eye on this up and coming architecture and hopefully covering more devices as and when they appear.  At the moment one of the problems with the MIPs architecture is that, despite Android apps being ‘mostly’ write once, run anywhere in the Java tradition there are some ‘gotchas’ to do with how the apps are compiled that result in MIPs devices only being able to run a subset of Android devices.  Hopefully this will change as MIPs becomes more mainstream, but for now there’s a definite shortage of apps available out of the box so I’ll be keeping up to date with what’s out there and sharing my findings.

At work my main areas of focus are Fuse ESB which is a pretty nifty Java / Spring XML based enterprise messagign framework and Magento, a PHP ecomemrce platform.  So expect to see some posts in those areas coming soon.  In particular I’ve just completed my first project in Fuse, which was a really interesting learning experience so I’ll be posting some of the things I found in the coming days and weeks.

jNag is still dead as far as I’m concerned… however I may release another ‘final’ version soon incorporating the latest version of jQuery Mobile (which had a 1.0 release since I last posted).

Also, I’ll be migrating the site to my new shared hosting package this week, probably tomorrow so don’t worry if the site goes down briefly.

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