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Removal of paid apps

So, since I’m rapidly finding that I don’t have enough time to maintain all the separate versions of jNag, I’ve decided to simplify matters a little.  At some point in the near future (next month or so) I’ll:

  • Ditch the paid android app
  • Roll all the ‘premium’ features into the free android app
  • replace the paid iPhone app with a free version

So, apologies if you’ve paid for the apps and feel aggrieved about these changes but that’s the way it goes sometimes.  I guess if there’s enough complaints about this I might be persuaded to keep the paid apps as a ‘current version + 1’ release (ie: always have them a step ahead of the free versions) but honestly I make so little money from them it’s really not something I’d want to do.

Anyway, feel free to discuss this in the forum, I pop in there most days so will be sure to reply.

2 thoughts on “Removal of paid apps

  1. Hi Paul,

    I am interested in getting your jnag app for my iphone, but I noticed that it hasn’t moved over to the free status and remains at the $4.99 rate even today (12.13.2011). I’m the Network Ops Engineer for Call of Duty: Elite and I use NagiosXI extensively. I have been trying to find the perfect Nagios monitoring app for my iphone and came across yours. From what I have seen of the screen shots, it looks great. The problem is that Activision won’t pay for my monitoring client tools, so I have to seek out a free version and saw your latest post. Is jNag going to be updated to the free category soon? I would absolutely love to run it from my phone.


    -Todd Groten

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