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Server 0.84 released!

This has a few minor bug fixes to do with text formatting, and also some handy trouble shooting options.

Calling returndata with ?status=true will now give you a table showing all the livestatus parameters available to you.  It also checks if ‘json_encode’ is available in your PHP install and tells you to update your install if not.

I think that’s about it… oh yes, options.cfg now has some more comments specifically dealing with pnp4nagios.  so that might come in handy if you’ve had problems viewing graphs.

get it now from the usual downloads page

4 thoughts on “Server 0.84 released!

  1. Sorry for double post- somehow posted in the wrong place 😀

    Lets try again…

    Hi! Great job, liking the app 🙂

    One problem though- when accessing the client page for the first time, if i enter the wrong information for the Data path i get a popup telling me it’s wrong, but clicking OK causes it to pop up repeatedly in an endless cycle? This is proven in Chrome and IE8… Have to hard kill.

    Would appreciate if you could look into this?
    Running jnag under Debian 6.0.1 – Apache2.2.16

  2. I”ve got the jNag webclient working, and i’ve installed the free andriod client. i’ll buy the paid version when i’ve got the free version working. i’ve got the two configured the same and the web client works, but the android one just shows me a white screen with nothing but an “options” button.

    1. Does your server use SSL with a self signed certificate? If so, this is only supported in the paid app at present.

      Do you use digest authentication? This isn’t supported in the app, but is planned for a future release.

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