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First up, apologies that I’ve not been as active as you might expect recently. Work has been manically busy, and I’ve had some personal stuff going on… there should be a release this week (see below for details) but it might be more towards mid week than the start of the week.

Anyway, enough of that, here’s what I’ve been working on / what’s coming in the next couple of weeks:

iPhone App!

Yes, I’ve finally got round to signing up for the apple developer program and the jNag IOS app is currently undergoing review at Apple.  This is an 0.81 version of the app and has the same featureset as the free android version.  I’m expecting to add more functionality (in line with the paid android app) as time goes on, but for now basic functionality is where it’s at.

jQuery mobile Alpha 4!

jQM has been updated to Alpha 4 (changelog is here) and jNag has been updated to follow suit

Proper SSL support

A much requested feature is finall on the way for the android app.  You can see how it’s implemented in my previous post.  It’s a bit buggy at the moment, so not sure it’ll make it into this weeks release, but rest assure it’s ‘coming soon’.


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