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jNag iPhone app incoming!

Finally had a spare hour to play with xCode on my Mac today, and managed to get a jNag app up and running on the iPhone simulator.  Follow the jump for a screenshot and some more info….

So yeah, that’s the new jNag app running in the iPhone simulator, with xCode running in the background.  It has the same sort of functionality as the free Android app (ie: no vibrating alerts or anything, just the browser) but when I actually get more time to delve into objective c I’ll hopefully be able to add some more stuff to the client.  I haven’t decided on pricing / versions yet, there may or may not be a free version (feel free to comment in the forums if you have something to say about this)

Anyway, I’m trying to drum up enough cash to sign up for the apple developer program at the moment, so once that hurdle is overcome look out for the app in the app store 🙂

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