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Just a quick rundown of what’s going on with jNag this week.  And a strange picture, which does actually have some context later on, so you should probably click the read more link if you’re wondering what that’s all about.

A flying pig. Why? Intrigued? read on....

Well, not a great deal actually.  Work has got incredibly busy recently, so I’ve not really had much chance to work on jNag much in the last few days.  I did add a new feature, as requested here, to disable problem alerts for hosts / services that have ‘notification disabled’ set in Nagios.

To be honest there’s probably more work to do there on parsing options set in Nagios and logically following them in jNag.  Things like notification periods (so not alerting on problems if they’re outside notification periods) etc.

Me, at work, yesterday

Despite the deluge of work that’s been dumped on me recently (seriously, never get a job as a software developer in PHP, Javascript, VB, .Net AND sole IT guru for a small company unless you like looking like the picture above) I’m determined to get an iPhone app out this month. I’m now the proud owner (well, user.  It’s owned by the company I work for) of a late 08 model Macbook pro, so I can crack on with iPhone development. It will be along the same lines as the free Android app, so no native notifications or anything just the browsing, and again at some point down the line as I teach myself objective C I’ll produce a paid app with a richer feature set.

an iPhone, in case you didn't know what one looks like

After that… who knows.  There’s a couple of features been suggested on the forums that might be worth looking into, then maybe a Blackberry app?  I might even put jNag on hold for a while (except for bug fixes obviously) and start working on the novel I’ve been planning for ages.

this will probably happen before I write a novel

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