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Report from the repo 26/02/2011

Just a quick update on what’s coming up in this weeks release…and, as a tangent since I seem to be  falling into a regular, monday release schedule purely by coincidence, please take the time to register on the forums and let me know if this is too frequent for releases.  Anyway, hit the ‘read more’ for the latest changes…

  • Fix for the ‘PHP short tags’ issue in the server component
  • Fix for the ‘going from problem->service is broken’ issue
  • Added ‘host address’ to the data shown when viewing a service

I’m also toying with the idea of implementing a proper ‘settings’ system for the server side.  Something like the ‘config.php’ that older versions had, but not relying on php globals.  An ini file or something.  That might make it in if I get an hour or so tomorrow.

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