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Support forum coming soon & more news from the repo

I’ve had a few people getting in touch through the ‘comments’ and ‘contact me’ sections of this site, but starting from tomorrow (or maybe the day after depending on my availability) I’ll be launching a forum so I can answer queries more easily and solicit suggestions on new features to add.

well, it's a forum support. Ho ho.

On the coding front today has seen some far reaching changes to the code base, but not much to talk about from the user point of view.

My aim for today was to reduce and remove differences between the (currently) two different clients (the web client, and the android client).  the problem is that each client needs different options and features, and I was having to make any changes to each client seperately to preserve those options.

Today I implemented a ‘platform’ file, that determines which options and features are available.  Going forward this will be the only file in the web root that differs from platform to platform, all the other html / javascript files will be exactly the same across all platforms.

As an example, the web client has a footer on every page containing buttons for ‘home’, ‘refresh’ etc.  The Android client doesn’t need those (they’re part of the menu that pops up if you press the native ‘menu’ button on the handset) so by setting ‘jNag_platform.footer’ to false in platform.js, jNag knows to remove the footers.

This should make development much easier, especially once I get round to adding iPhone, Blackberry and WebOS apps 😀

Blatantly nicked this off the phonegap site. shhh.

Also since my site traffic has increased by over 1000% (no word of a lie) since I launched jNag, I’ve decided to start posting other blog entries as well. Maybe some techy ones about various bits of code I’ve written, some general dull bloggy types ones and who knows, maybe even some of my unpublished sci-fi musings.  So look out for those!

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