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Advertising in Apps

So, I’ve starting looking into adding advertising into jNag to cover server costs etc and perhaps cover the $99 fee that I’d need to pay to develop an iPhone app. The latest version in the git repository has this code added, but I’m unsure whether to leave it in there or not.

My current plan is to leave the ‘web client’ (ie the client you access via a browser) with no adverts (since you’d be able to remove them anyway) and add adverts to the native apps (android, iPhone etc).

I could also have an ‘ad free’ version of the apps for a nominal fee.  £1 or so.

I’m not planning on making a living from this of course, but any extra cash is always welcome.

I’d be grateful for any input you might have, especially if you currently use the android App (and 40+ people do according to google!).  Would the presence of adverts put you off?  Would you be willing to pay £1 to download the app?

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