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jNag 0.6 release

After literally days of hard work (well, a few hours maybe) here’s the long awaited 0.6 release of jNag.

This release offers:

  • Fancy image support
  • Full pnp graph support (see all your pnp graphs for your services)
  • More information for services / hosts
  • Proper CORS support (should fix issues with iPad / iPhone)
  • Filters out ‘generic event’ services (this was annoying me!)
  • a setup guide!  (well, sort of, I’m not very good at documentation)

Unfortunately there’s no demo, since it requires a functional livestatus install, and I don’t have one I’m willing to open up to the public… if anyone does have a non-critical nagios install they’d be willing to let me use as a demo server, hit me up via email.

[download id=”4″ format=”1″]

2 thoughts on “jNag 0.6 release

  1. I’m having troubles getting this version to run 🙁 seems you expect nagios + jNag to run on HTTP but I’m running it on HTTPS. It fails to save the server credentials in the client.

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