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jNag 1.4.1 released

Minor ‘point’ release of jNag offering the following features:

  • security enhancements suggested in this comment
  • Faster initial problem polling when first loading the app
  • debug option (run jNag with the debug variable set, ie: http://yourserver/jNag/?debug=true)

[download id=”2″ format=”1″]

And, in other news….

I’m currently working on a completely re-written version of jNag that runs entirely in javascript on the client side, with a small server side plugin based on livestatus providing the data. It’s much faster, and offers the possibility of native apps for all major mobile devices (iPhone, android, blackberry, palmos) based on the phonegap platform. Should be ready for release in the next few days, I’m just having some fun with localStorage at the moment…

2 thoughts on “jNag 1.4.1 released

  1. Since PhoneGap is spmliy a framework project inside xCode and uses HTML5 and other web technologies that Apple have openly supported I don’t see them disallowing apps made using PhoneGap from the app store. My concern is Adobe. They recently purchased PhoneGap and are already charging for use of the service. Should their feud with Apple ever respawn then who’s to say that they would end support for iOS?

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