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jNag 0.3 released

Another day another release of jNag, the Jquery mobile based mobile interface for Nagios.

V0.3 adds:

  • ajax problem polling
  • browse by Hosts and services, as well as host groups
  • a tider interface

As usual the demo is available here

And the download is here

Here’s a couple of screenshots showing off the new features:

That yellow box at the top Pulses on and off if there’s any problems, and it updates via ajax…so no page refresh is required!

Showing off the new, tidier interface when viewing all services monitored by Nagios

2 thoughts on “jNag 0.3 released

  1. Hi, this looks great. Finally a mobile interface that I can present to my co-workers. I’m busy testing it for my companies Nagios implementation right now.

    Just a suggestion. No criticism intended.

    I’m no programmer but I have a lot of experience with Nagios, Nagios plugin and the different interfaces for it. Are you sure that you’re on the right track with Nagios2JSON? It’s not been maintained for quite some time and I never felt it’s really complete.

    Nowadays Livestatus from Mathias Kettner is the accepted low-overhead way to dig into live Nagios information. I don’t know if that’s usable with Ajax and java though.


    Sven Peters

    1. Hi Sven,

      Thanks for your comments. To be honest I’d never heard of Nagios until about a week ago and my only experience of it is with a VMware live image I found floating around the net which included statusjson.cgi but doesn’t appear to include livestatus. If livestatus is the better way to get information out of nagios I’ll definately take a look at it.

      Again, thanks for your interest, let me know how you get on


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